I first met Irene at a craft fair in killarney in 2002. Little did I know how she would touch so many of my friends and families lives with her beautiful artwork. These are not just baby pictures, wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.  They are full of love and they are  real sentiments.  They are about you and the person you are giving the gift to. Irene always spends time with you on what words or verses to use, this time she gives you is not rushed and she always seems to know exactly what verse or line to include.  I was lucky enough to receive a baby picture gift from my work colleagues which still lights up the room almost 6 years later. I love telling my daughter the story behind the picture and she just loves that it’s about only her! These gifts are a treasure for the receiver and the giver.  I always have to look at them before I give them as they make your heart sing