What I do

Unique Ink Designs are beautiful visual art pieces of calligraphy, illustration and illumination.

A child’s nameplate keepsake, a meaningful presentation gift, a wedding gift that’s personal, a housewarming gift that warms hearts … special words, special occasions, special treasures.

Using words, sentiments, poems and inspirational pieces, I bring life to them by giving them colour and form.

How I work?

  1. I draw and script with traditional dip pen and ink on watercolour paper​
  2. My designs are brightly coloured using watercolours and pastels
  3. I finish them so that they retain their colour and vibrancy for many long years
  4. Each one is elegantly framed in ivory, black, ash or pine sourced at The Framers in Ballycasey Craft Centre, Shannon, Co. Clare
  5. Presentation is an integral part of my service to each commission and the gift wrapping is beautifully complimentary to my work.
  6. I make your piece special – yours to keep, or to give to friends and family, to cherished people in your life.

What you take away…

You receive a piece that is truly unique, not only because it is a once-off piece of art, but also because it carries and shares your good wishes, your thoughts and your love.